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October 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

This has almost unintentionally become a music (let’s be honest here, Ted Leo) blog, but I’m kind of okay with that. Although this does also encompass the whole ‘free’ aspect, so that works too. The L Magazine hosted this free (with RSVP) event (sponsored by AT&T!) about the state of music today, compared with five years ago.

Friends (this band, definitely not this band) opened before the panel, which included discussion between Lio Kanine from Kanine Records, Ken Weinstein from Big Hassle Media, Vince Bannon from Getty Music, Dave Haynes from SoundCloud,  Brian Feit from BMF Media, Amanda Petrusich from NYT/Pitchfork, Matthew Perpetua from Rolling Stone and Ted Leo from… Ted Leo. and the Pharmacists.

I took a couple of videos of Ted Leo until my battery completely died, so most of them are here. I also took an artsy picture of Ted’s shoes, but I’ll save that for my photography portfolio.

Ghosts (cover) 

(‘new mopey-ish’ unnamed song)

Me and Mia

Bottle of Buckie


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